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Jax Beach Fishing Report 11-16-2020

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My neighbor and I went out Monday AM just before high tide and caught several bluefish.  Just before the tide change there were scattered finger mullet washing up in waves  and I was able to catch quite a few with the cast net.  I was fishing with cut mullet on a double-drop rig and got consisitent bites.  I switched back to off-the-shelf metal leader rigs as the first few bluefish I caught cut my hand-made flourocarbon rigs with their sharp teeth.  Don't forget, the new limit on bluefish is 3 per day per person.

Monday, 16 October 2017 13:52

Jax Beach - Surf Fishing Report - October 14 2017

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Jacksonville Beach - I got down to the beach about 7:30 AM which was about an hour and a half before low tide.  There were large shools of mullet passing through in the surf within range of my cast net.  I wadded out about hip deep and threw the net over a large school of finger mullet and caught enough to fill my bait bucket for the day.  I hooked a mullet onto a 3/0 cirlce hook with a 3oz pyramid weight and tossed it out as far a I could.  After about 5 minutes I had some hard jerks on the line, then the line went tight and I had a very lively fish on.  It was a spotted seatrout about 16 inches long, within the slot size.  The size limit for spotted seatrout in my zone is minimum 15" and maximum 20", so this one was within the slot.  I fished for about another 2 hours and had a few bites, whcih felt like trout or bluefish, but did not hook any more fish.  I went home happy with my trout.  I had a blast as usual!  Tight Lines!!

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Jax Beach - Surf Fishing Report - September 23 2017

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Jacksonville Beach - I got down to the beach about 7:30 AM which was about halfway between low and high tide.  It was one of those days where  the surf is barely coming up over both sandbars and the water is only about 2 feet deep for about 100 yards out.  There was plenty of mullet in the water so I still wanted to give it a try.  I netted a few mullet with my cast net, hooked one on my rig and tossed it out.  No cation for about 45 minutes and I was considering taking a break and going for a walk down the beach until the tibe filled in a little more.   Just as I was about to reel in my line I had a hrd yank on the line, then hard pulling.  I kept the line tight and began working the fish in to shore.  I could tell it was heavy and was very excited to see as it emerged from the surf that it was a nice slot redfish!  It was a red drum about 20 inces long, right within the slot size. I fished for about another hour with no bites, so I went home and had some fresh  blackened redfish for lunch.  I had a blst as usual!  Tight lines!!

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Jax Beach - Surf Fishing Report - September 4 2017

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Jacksonville Beach - I got down to the beach about 7:30 AM which was right around high tide.  I could see some scattered schools of mullet in the surf so walked out about knee deep and through my cast net over a school.  With my bucket full of fresh live mullet. I hooked a single mullet on my rig which has a 3oz pyramid sinker.  There was a slight current headed south but my bait was staying pretty much where I dropped it in the surf.  I had a few small bites but not much other action.  After about 30 minutes I had a good bite.  I let the fish tug a couple of times to make sure he was hooked ,then reeledit in.  It was a nice Spanich Mackerel about 22 inches long.  I fished for another copuple of hours with no more bites.  I had a blast and went home with one spanish mackerel for the day.  Tight Lines!!

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