Jacksonville Beach - Wes an I got down to the beach about 7:30 AM.  It was a nice morning, warm but overcast.  It was mid-tide, but the water was deep enough to fish, even over the sandbar, whcih is where most of our casts were landing.  The bluefish started biting immediately.  We started the day, a little light on tackle.  We only had one leader each, and on a good day, we might go through three or four.  The bluefish have sharp teeth and fight like mad, so we lose a little tackle when the blues are very active.  Anyway, Wes hooked a big bluefish, but couldn't get him reeled in.

 It seems the main gear in his reel failed.  He finally got the line reeled in, but the fish was gone.  I ran back to the house to pick up a spare rod and reel.  Wes stayed and fished with my rod and reel.  Just as I was returning Wes hooked what appered to be a redfish at least 2 ft long.  We could see it coming over the sand bar.  Unfortunately it broke the line and made off with my only leader.  Since my only leader was gone, I started tying hooks and weigfhts on, with my regular line.  I caught several more fish, but their sharp teeth kept cutting the line and I lost all my weights.  With no more weight,  I started flat-lining some of the larger mullet, with nothing but a hook on the end of the line.  I started getting bites right away, which felt weird, because there was a lot of slack in the line, without a weight on the end. Anyway, I caught a couple more bluefish on the flat-line.  About 10:30 AM we sarted wrapping things up.  It was a good day, despite tackle challenges, and as always we had a blast.