Jacksonville Beach -  This week, Wes and I were joined by a new fishing buddy, also named Jason, who is fairly new to the area.  We all got down to the beach at 7:30am.  The tide was coming in and high tide was expected at about 10:30.  When we first got set up, the waves were coming in over the sandbar, but the water was still a bit shallow in the trough.  There was also a medium strength current pulling our baits to the south.  None the less, we started getting bites immediately.  We would cast out, the bait would drift south into the trough, and then the bluefish would start banging on it.  Even though it was his first time, Jason ended up catching the most fish.  We all hooked a bunch and had a cooler full by about 10:45.  It was a beautiful day and we had a blast as usual.