Jacksonville Beach - I got down to the beach about 7:30 AM which was right around high tide.  I could see some scattered schools of mullet in the surf so walked out about knee deep and through my cast net over a school.  With my bucket full of fresh live mullet. I hooked a single mullet on my rig which has a 3oz pyramid sinker.  There was a slight current headed south but my bait was staying pretty much where I dropped it in the surf.  I had a few small bites but not much other action.  After about 30 minutes I had a good bite.  I let the fish tug a couple of times to make sure he was hooked ,then reeledit in.  It was a nice Spanich Mackerel about 22 inches long.  I fished for another copuple of hours with no more bites.  I had a blast and went home with one spanish mackerel for the day.  Tight Lines!!