Jacksonville Beach - I got down to the beach about 7:30 AM which was about an hour and a half before low tide.  There were large shools of mullet passing through in the surf within range of my cast net.  I wadded out about hip deep and threw the net over a large school of finger mullet and caught enough to fill my bait bucket for the day.  I hooked a mullet onto a 3/0 cirlce hook with a 3oz pyramid weight and tossed it out as far a I could.  After about 5 minutes I had some hard jerks on the line, then the line went tight and I had a very lively fish on.  It was a spotted seatrout about 16 inches long, within the slot size.  The size limit for spotted seatrout in my zone is minimum 15" and maximum 20", so this one was within the slot.  I fished for about another 2 hours and had a few bites, whcih felt like trout or bluefish, but did not hook any more fish.  I went home happy with my trout.  I had a blast as usual!  Tight Lines!!