If you've read any of my surf fishing reports, you've probably seen me mention fish bites artificial bait.  I use it everywhere one might fish with shrimp.  I've found fishbites to be just as effective as natural shrimp for atracting fish and getting bites.

 The biggest benefit of using fish bites over natural shrimp, is the ability of fishbites to stay on the hook.  Anyone who has fished with shrimp, kows how easily shrimp will fall off the hook.  The soft shrimp bodies are not very durable. ;Fishbites, however, is very difficult to get off the hook. ;I frequently resort to scissors, to remove fishbites from my hook when changing baits. ;Fishbites is basically strips of a very durable mesh, covered in a compressed layer of shrimp stuff, that slowely softens and dissolves in the water. ;When you hook a piece of fishbites, the hook goes through the mesh and the barb catches on the mess, so it's very difficult to remove. ;I frequently catch several fish on one piece of fishbites. ;I was very happy too learn that fishbites are made right down the road from us, in St Augustine, FL. ;

From the;fishbites website;"Fishbites are the result of a lifelong passion for fishing and decades of scientific research. Carr Specialty Baits, Inc. (CSB), maker of Fishbites, is a family-owned business founded in 2000 in St. Augustine, Florida, by avid angler and world renowned marine researcher Dr. William Carr and members of his family." ;

I highly recommend you give fish bites a test run and try it out for yourself !!