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Fishing Reports: Colorado River waters

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Martinez Lake A 25-pound, 3-ounce flathead caught at Martinez Lake, June 30, 2019.

Lake Mead

Ray P.: Stripers are hitting at south cove.   Don M.: Good trip (June 28)! These Phoenix area anglers had a good trip at South Cove on Lake Mead. Brian George – (L) and his 9 year-old grandson Jaylynn, along with future son-in-law Ty Zimmerman, along with Kingman resident Jay Chan, caught these stripers and catfish while fishing near South Cove at night.

For Jaylynn, he would catch his first-ever fish and for Ty, it had been many years since he had gone fishing. Needless to say it was a trip of a lifetime for these anglers! As the moon goes into the dark phase, the fishing should only get better on Lake Mead at night

Use submersible green lights like the ones from HydroGlow to attract plankton and use small pieces of cut up anchovies for bait.

–  Capt. Don Martin, Striper Hunters

Rusty of Riviera Marina Lake Mohave

I have been hearing of some smallmouth action along the shelves with plastics in a pumpkin cinnamon color or the dark blue with flakes. With the same type of plastics for the largemouth, various crankbaits have been producing a few also.

Davis Dam

Below the Davis dam along the Colorado River we are having a great mix of fish to target. Near Davis Camp, Randy Young was fishing for stripers and landed a carp. Yep, he was fishing from shore and using anchovies. This is a favorite bait for our area and catches a lot of fish. The downside of using anchovies you just can’t be to sure what you will bring in. Anglers have a super chance of landing some of our striped bass. Then again, you might catch a catfish, or as we see, a carp will now and again go for this bait. Even our rainbow trout have been know to be brought in by using anchovies.

Big Bend area

Our local angler Mike Andrews was fishing in the big bend area and from shore and landed a 10.58-pound striper at 35 and 1/2 inches (above). This is a little light for a fish of this length. The stripers are running mostly in the 1- to 3-pound range with these fish moving in schools the smaller fish seem to get to your bait first caught a 1.2-pound striper at 15 inches. This size makes a great fish fry — they filet out easy and your limit at 10 for stripers. But make sure you have a good knot and have your drag set because there are some larger fish in the mix.

Community Park

In the Community Park area, you might be able to find some rainbow trout. They do like the cooler water so I would suggest an early morning excursion. Our local angler Don Calvano was using his fly rod to land his limit of trout in the Community Park shoreline. This is an all-around super area for all types of recreation. Our parks staff has done a lot for our community to be able to use this area. Hope this helps for now and we will see you in soon to share that catch and story most of all thanks for all of your support.

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