I bought this Penn Pursuit II, about 3 months ago, mainly for surf fishing.  It's a bit smaller than the Penn Pursuit, and Penn Fierce, which I also use.  I wanted it to be a little lighter, so my 11 year old son could use it for surf fishing. I have it on a Tidewater 10ft pole.  So far we have used it on about a dozen fishing trips.  Overall I am very pleased with this reel.  It has a very smooth and tight feel.  It's very light and is actually very well balanced on this 10ft tidewater pole.  My 11 year old has no trouble handling it, and has caught many bluefish with it.  I've been using it a lot and really like it.  Line retrieval is very fast and smooth.  The crank is a very comfortable size for me and my son.  I would definitely recommend this reel and I do plan to purchase another one.  So far the reel still looks like new, I'll report back in about a year or so with an update on wear and rust.  I expect it will be like my other Penn spinning reels, which have little to no rust after 3 plus years of weekly use in the surf.  My overall assessment is that this is an excellent reel for surf fishing and I think it's an excellent value.